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Important Travel Information in Ethiopia

Travel Information Safety: Ethiopia is a safe destination. Nevertheless, when travelling in any developing country, common sense is a traveler’s best friend. Safety is one of the main factors that are considered while EDT organizes its trips.

Most Popular Sites: Ethiopia offers several untouched historical and natural sites. Every site has got its uniquness depending upon the interest of the tourist. However, the most famous sight is perhaps Lalibela, an ancient rock-hewn church and Axum steles.

Other famous areas include: Lake Tana in Bahr Dar, the ancient cities of Gondar and Axum, as well as the southeastern area of the peoples of the Omo valley. The Jimma area is interesting for those who wish to know the origin of Coffeee.

Calendar and Time: Ethiopia follows the Julian calendar. This calendar has 12 months of 30 days, and a 13th month of five or six days. New Year starts on September 11. The Ethiopian calendar is behind the Gregorian calendar by 7 years and 8 months. Ethiopia is in the GMT+3 time zone. Days begin at sunrise. 12am = dawn, 6pm = noon, 12pm = dusk, (in Ethiopian time).

Prudent Planning: However good our resources are, they are limited to handle a certain number of guests. Therefore, if you decide to visit Ethiopia, as we hope you will do, we respectfully ask you to let us plan your tour together a few weeks before you start for Ethiopia. This foresight planning guarantees you the most cost-effective and enjoyable tour experience.

Visas: Foreign visitors must have entry visas. Entry visas can be obtained from Ethiopian Diplomatic and consular missions abroad. Arrangements can be made in advance for a visa to be available at the airport.

In case of tight time tables: There are times when you have a very tight schedule to keep, and very little time to keep it in. Even in such bottleneck situations, the experiences we have acquired, the dedication of our team, the smooth and cordial working relationship that we have developed with various local administrations and service providers, give us the ability to be flexible, adjust situations, and optimize results even while actually conducting the tours.


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